Quick Test to Remember if I Can Still Do This!!

One of those crazy nights when sleep completely eluded me! In my overall sleep life, I feel completely blessed that God has created me with the ability to fall asleep quickly and (usually) enjoy a great deep sleep. Nights like last night are the exception and definitely not the norm.

After praying, enumerating thoughts over the last couple of years of “houseless living”, and brainstorming ideas on what things I want to accomplish personally and professionally over the course of the next year; I decided to get up out of bed and do a quick test to remind myself if I still knew how to publish a blog post using the automation that I had put in place a long time ago!! Mostly since I have not even thought about writing anything up on this thing since last Feburary.

So here it is. My first test blog post since February 2015. Mostly a reminder to myself of how the mechanics of this whole setup work!!

As Always,

God Bless You and,

Develop With Passion®!!