Game Crash Bootcamp Coming to Calgary in May!!!

The Develop With Passion® – Game Crash Bootcamp is coming to Calgary, AB, Canada on the week of the 27th May 2013.

The course will be led by the extremely skilled Jon Beltran de Heredia, and it will be held at the Residence Inn Marriott Airport.

Attendees of the first Game Crash Bootcamp in Austin, back in February, were blown away by the course content. Jon has worked hard to develop a curriculum that can ensure that developers are able to build the skills to feel confident building games from scratch by the end of the week.

As with all Develop With Passion® courses, the focus is on fundamentals. Nothing shiny here. Nuts and bolts, math, and programming techniques that are not going to fade away with platform changes and language changes.

Develop With Passion® has always strived to go “deep” with students. I personally feel that if more developers allowed themselves to really understand concepts, instead of just “Google/Stack Overflow –> Copy –> Paste”, that they would utlimately feel much more confident about their abilities as a coder. Jon shares my approach to this, which is why he is the perfect trainer for this course.

If you have ever had a desire to want to learn game programming. This course will teach you the math, programming, and war stories from someone who has built very popular games for different hardware platforms.

Along with the onsite course which will be held at the Residence Inn Marriott Airport, in Calgary. The course will also be offered for people to attend remotely via a gotomeeting setup. This will give people who can’t fly to Calgary a change to take the course in their PJ’s if they so wish.

The price breakdown for this new offering (prices are only applicable for this year, next year the price will most likely rise to match the regular Develop With Passion® bootcamps):

  • Onsite US & Canada: $2500
  • Onsite International: $3500
  • Remote: $1500

  • Early bird discount (Registering within 2 weeks of event being published): $500

For more information on the course go here . To register you can use one of the following links:

Jon and I both feel confident that this is going to become a hugely popular course, once more people participate and realize how empowered they will feel with the results they will come up with in one week!!

Develop With Passion®