Where Should We Host the Next Gamecrash Bootcamp?

It has been one week since the first Gamecrash Bootcamp completed. It was a great success and we are already in the midst of planning and refining based on feedback from this first iteration!

Currently, the next big question to ask and answer is where the next course should be hosted?

Instead of us just arbitrarily picking the next location, we thought we would solicit some suggestions on where the course should go next. To that end, if you feel compelled to help drive the literal direction of this course, please respond to the following survey, to help us make our decision!

We are looking forward to bringing this amazing bootcamp to developers all over the world who are wanting to stop just “thinking” about writing a game, and give them the fundamental skills and knowledge with which they can actually “write” one. We are also hoping to demystify for lots of developers, what it means to do things like:

  • Write your own physics engine
  • Leveraging OpenGL for graphics primitives
  • lots, lots more…!!!

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