2013 Course Schedule

The Develop With Passion® 2013 course schedule is now online!

Currently the course load is small, but you can expect to see additions as Jon and I coordinate further iterations of the Gamecrash bootcamp over the course of the year.

Personally, I will be hosting courses in the following locations:

  • Calgary,AB
  • Denver, CO
  • San Diego, CA
  • Manchester, UK
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Nashville, TN
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Edmonton, AB

This year I will also be mixing in more occurences of the Ruby Primer bootcamp, as the first iteration proved to be very successful.

With the announcement that Jon made about the Gamecrash bootcamp, we are looking forward to a flood of new students excited to get into the world of game programming.

Develop With Passion® looks forward, and is honoured, to be a part in kickstarting/reginiting the passion in the 2013 class!!

Develop With Passion®