Happy to Report - First Public Ruby Course Is a Smash!!

Just a quick post to share the fact that the first Ruby Primer Bootcamp that was held in Las Vegas last month was a huge success!!

Considering that the group was extremely small (2 people!, not a surprise for the first run) , and that they both had experience with ruby (1 – 3 years), the challenge level received was significant and there was lots of amazing feedback. This feedback has strengthened my resolve to take this officially on the road as there is lots for even seasoned Ruby devs to learn.

The plan will be to deliver more of the Ruby Primer Bootcamps next year along with continuing to deliver the Develop With Passion – .Net Bootcamp.

My hope is that as awareness of the course and its challenging content grows, word of mouth will circulate and the class sizes will start to get bigger, which ultimately makes it a much richer environment for learning.

Here are some journal notes made by the attendees of the course:

Having already done the .Net boot camp I was looking forward to the Ruby Primer course with lots of excitement and a little bit of fear. Excitement because I knew how much I’d be learning over the course of the week and fear because it was going to be lots of hard work. It was totally worth it, embrace the fear!

I love playing around with Ruby and naively thought I had a pretty good grasp of the language but that idea was wiped out on day one. The course takes you out of your comfort zone very quickly and this is where real growth happens.

JP’s method of teaching brings the theory and practice of the ruby fundamentals together in such a way that it really sinks in. I have been genuinely surprised at how much more I understand some of the gnarly meta programming code I’ve read since the course. Before the course the same code would have just made my eyes glaze over.

I would have no hesitation recommending this course to anyone, Ruby programmer or not as long as you have a genuine interest in becoming better at your craft. Seeing the patterns and practices attacked from another angle, Ruby rather than .Net has really helped my understanding and at the same time highlighted gaps in my knowledge. JP’s boot camps are not really a weeklong, they last for weeks, months, and years as you try and plug these gaps.

It wasn’t all about the technical, as well as keeping you incredibly well fed and watered the course also leads you to do some real soul searching about where your career and even life in general is heading.

Thank you JP for a truly life changing experience! Now how many ‘technical’ courses do you get to say that about?

Justin Ramel Develop With Passion® Alumni

I feel blessed to be able to reach another set of developers with a set of approaches and techniques that do truly transcend language and platforms!

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