Start Shining With Ruby - Camug Presentation Next Saturday

Well, its been quite a long time since I have given a formal presentation!!

The guys at camug graciously asked if I would be interested in coming to give a small 4 hour intro to the Ruby programming language.

I am going to keep the concepts as simple as possible; and treat it as a basic introduction to the ruby programming language in the context of building a simple, but fun, application.

The presentation is completely free so if you are interested in attending you have to:

  • Register for the event at the camug site (there are only 25 spots available)
  • Show up next Saturday morning with you laptop in tow, so that you can code along and have the concepts solidify in your head.

Software Requirements

  • Windows Based OS

  • Unix Based OS (OSX/Linux)

    • Install the most current version of RVM, using the instructions on its site.

Regardless of which environment you come with, make sure that you have it configured correctly and can run a basic ruby file from your console. I would also recommend that you have a good text editor at the ready to code along during the presentation.

If there are still spots available, come out for what I pray will be a fun even for all involved!!!

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