Screencast: Leveraging Keymando's Hit-A-Hint Style Feature for Clicking/pressing Ui Elements

In this screencast I walk you through the awesome (and yet still not very well known) feature of being able to have Keymando highlight elements that you want to act on (typically by left clicking, double clicking etc) in a user interface and then trigger them by typing in the identifier.

If you have ever used Pentadactyl or Vimperator, you are already familiar with the feature. In Pentadactyl, when a web page is being displayed, if you press the ‘f’ key, it will highlight all of the clickable links on the page. To click a link, you just have to type in the digits/letters that correspond to the link. As you can imagine, this feature can save quite a lot of time!!

Well, Keymando supports the same style of feture, except you can use it in any OSX based app that supports OSX Accessibility.

In the screencast I show you a sample usage scenario of this awesome feature!

Go here to get the latest version of Keymando, and get busy automating your way through OSX!