Review - Kinesis Advancategories Pro Keyboard

Someone got in contact with me a couple of weeks ago asking about whether the switch I made to the Kinesis Advantage Pro was worth it? The answer is a large resounding YES!!!

This keyboard is without a doubt the most comfortable keyboard that I have ever used. For the first couple of weeks during the “adaptation” period, it was a little challenging. Getting used to the keyboard took a little bit of time, coupled with the fact that because I went “cold-turkey”, when I had to jump onto another machine to do something, I could barely type on the flat/regular natural keyboard. As it felt completely unatural compared to the Kinesis!!

The mechanics of the unit are amazing. The responsiveness of the keys, and the feel of the keys themselves are awesome. Of course, the one downside compared to my old natural keyboard, is the fact that it is not wireless. Not a biggie though.

Even though the device looks a little big, it is small enough to carry comfortably in my backpack, where I often will break it out when I am doing coding in a coffee shop (much to the bizarre looks of everyone around me!!)

The price tag may be a little steep, but to me the cost is well worth it!!

If you have been looking for a new keyboard and are willing to dish out a little bit of money, then you will definitely not go wrong with this keyboard!!!

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