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Webinar - Professional Database Change Management With RoundhousE

Written July 02, 2011 at 09:00 MDT Tagged webinars, presentations and tools

"Because everyone wants to kick their database, but sometimes kicking your database is a good thing!"

Time: Wednesday July 6th,2011 - 9PM-10PM CST
Registration Limit:(100)
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Session Overview

Many would not argue that you need to version your code, and few would argue that you should version your code in a way that can lead you back to a specific point in source control history. However, most people don't really think of doing the same with your database. That's where RoundhousE comes in. RoundhousE versions your database how you want. Not to mention it's one of the most intelligent database migrations tools out there, it also helps you keep your scripts in source control in a way that makes sense. We'll walk through the tool and its features and then open for questions. You'll see how it can make database change management extremely simple for you and how it makes auditors and DBAs smile. RoundhousE - you know you want to learn more...


  1. Talk a little about the importance of database scripts in source control
  2. Presentation on needs for a migration tool
  3. RoundhousE tool and Demos
  4. Open for Questions

About The Presenter

Rob Reynolds / FerventCoder
Rob Reynolds has been programming in .NET since the early days of 1.0. In his day job he gets his hands dirty as a technical lead in the world of crop insurance. Who would have thought his prior experiences with calculus and FFA would have ever come in handy?! Rob is a C# MVP, an MCSD for .NET, holds a bachelor's degree in MIS from Kansas State University, is active in the Topeka .Net User Group, a regional INETA speaker, an eagle scout, and a veteran officer of the US Army Reserve. Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and kids when his wife hasn’t locked him in the basement to work on any of the OSS projects he manages.

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