Officially Announcing Develop With Passion® - Webinars

The proverbial bottle has been smashed against the side of the ship and Develop With Passion® – Webinars are finally up and running. The site design will clean up over the next little while, but that is a small detail!!

This has been something that I have talked about doing for a little bit over a year, I finally decided to stop talking and get moving with it!! With a pool of extremely eager speakers to pull from, I feel confident that there is going to be material that covers topics across all areas of the spectrum.

Currently the speaker lineup is comprised entirely of Develop With Passion® alumni (over 1500 and counting!!). The only request that I make of them when lining up presentations, is that they present on something that they are currently interested in. There are no restrictions to platform, technology, or even a particular approach. There is no prompting from me whatsover in the direction I wish them to present!! Starting in January of 2012, the floor will be open to have anyone come and give a presentation, not just Develop With Passion® – Alumni. For now it allows me to use a “trused group” to work out some of the kinks and ensure the best delivery experience over time.

Lots of the presenters will be very skilled in the areas they are presenting in; others will not be skilled but are excited and engaged in a particular topic and just want to share their excitement with others. One of the things that I try to stress to people is the importance of maintaining the excitement for what you do, and not falling into traps of complacency that ultimately lead to boredom.

These webinars are not meant to be the “best way to do things”, even though in a large percentage of them I am sure you will see some battle tested approaches for leveraging the tools/platforms/techniques in question. First an foremost these webinars are a way to provide a venue for people who:

  • Care about what they do
  • Are engaged in their day to day jobs
  • Want to share with others
  • Are not focused on being “the best” but “their best” each day.

The current schedule permits a webinar every 2 weeks. Each session is recorded and made available on the webinars site after the video has been rendered. Post session links will also be made available on the website after the video has been posted. I plan to present approximately every 5th presentation.

At this time, if you have any requests for topics that you would like to see either myself of the group present on, we welcome suggestions.

God Bless You!!

Develop With Passion®