Webinar - Compositional and Convention-based Web Development With FubuMVC

“The MVC framework that doesn’t get in your way.”

Time: Wednesday July 20th,2011 – 12PM-1PM MST
Registration Limit:(100)
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Session Overview

FubuMVC is a .NET open-source front-controller MVC web framework. Fubu (which stands for “for us, by us”) focuses on rapid development, pluggability, and convention-based configuration. It tries to focus on SOLID principles, composability, separation of concerns, DRY, and other critical concepts of rapid, frictionless and pain-free web development. There are several differentiating features from ASP.NET MVC, such as behavior chains, packaging, routing conventions, HTML conventions, and much more.


  • Starting Bare Bones from the FubuMVC NuGet package
  • Exploring the Getting Started Sample from the FubuMVC Guides
  • Configuring Routes via Conventions
  • View Location and Discovery
  • Clean Controller Actions with Behavior Chains
  • HTML Markup Generated By View Model Conventions
  • Ultimate Modularity with Packages (Bottles)

Speaker Bio

Mike Murray
Mike Murray is a software engineer for Extend Health, Inc. After being raised in Houston, TX, he received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and has resided in Utah for the last 8 years. Mike has been primarily developing with C# and .NET for 7 years, and currently entertains interests in F#, Ruby, and JavaScript on the side. At Extend Health, he is participating in the migration of the company’s production website from ASP.NET MVC to FubuMVC, while also contributing back bug fixes and features to the open-source project. When not busy spending time with his wife and two kids, Mike tries to participate where he can at local user groups and code camps.

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