Relearning How to Type (Almost)

My new keyboard just arrived and the next couple of days is going to have a little bit of a learning curve attached to it. Historically I have been a fairly big fan of trying out new input mechanisms, and I have a feeling that this unit is going to be a great typing tool.

Take a look at the following screenshot of the new keyboard:


The coolest thing about the layout of this keyboard is the complete repositioning of the majority of the modifier keys. From a comfortability perspective it is a genius stroke to alter the position of the backspace, enter and space keys (among others) to maximize the ability to use your stronger thumbs for pressing these keys vs your weaker pinky finger. Of course this remapping is going to take a little while to adjust to, but as I type this post I am already feeling the difference of having access to keys like the space,enter and backspace keys right and my thumbtips.

Another great feature of the keyboard is that it supports full on-board programmability for device level macros that are not bound to the particular operating system you are targeting. I have already taken advantage of this feature to do some basic remapping to optimally support the modified key scheme that I have been using for the last couple of years. As well as to take account for the way that I have my modifier keys organized for the primary OS that I use (osx).

……2 days later

I am absolutely loving this keyboard, the comfortability factor of typing with this unit is quite incredible. There is still quite a bit of adaptation that needs to happen, but I feel confident that placing my natural keyboard into storage 2 days ago was the right decision!

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