Develop With Passion® - NBDN 2011 Course Schedule

Another year of training and consulting is beginning. This year public/private training will only run for 6 months of the year, and consulting for the remaining 6 months.

Develop With Passion® is currently waiting on some confirmations for some private courses that may take place in other European locations. Once the plans for those are confirmed/cancelled I will publish the completed European schedule. The training concludes on July 9th (finishing in Australia!!)!

A couple of changes for this year

  • Overseas course prices are now normalized to $4000USD for the week. The major beneficiary to this change is the UK, that was historically £3000 for the week.
  • The version control system being used will no longer need to be learned or used directly during the course of the week. This will allow students to not have to focus on learning a potentially different SCC tool than they may already be accustomed with.
  • All screencasts will be distributed to students on the last day of class. Last year I failed to get one class their videos for over 4 months. I will not let this happen again. To this end, students should come with a USB drive/stick that can accommodate at least 10GB.
  • Screencasts will be rendered to AVI format. This will allow them to be immediately playable by all attendees.
  • Visual Studio 2010 will be mandatory.

I am excited about another set of opportunities to teach, learn, and grow with the many individuals who attend these bootcamps.

Here is the solidified course schedule (the only ones missing are the extra European courses, which will be happening in late March and early April):

Currently the management team is coordinating a multi conference deal with the Marriott chain. This will take a little bit of time to finalize, but each of the courses will be run in a Marriott hotel in each target city. As the particular Marriotts are disclosed, the information will be updated.

Contact Information

In the last little while consulting inc. is no more (story for another time), and I am now an employee of Develop With Passion®. The company is not mine, but I am still heavily involved in all of the activities. There are still some transition issues that are being worked out, but so far everything is going well. One of the many positives, is that I now have access to resources that can help with some of the heavy lifting!!

The following list outlines key contacts you can use if you have specific questions that need answering:

  • For questions regarding the technical nature of the bootcamp please contact me.

  • For questions regarding the logistics of the bootcamps, please contact Erin Robinson.

  • For questions regarding group sales or private course requests, please contact Janice Marshall.

  • For questions regarding accounting, please contact Raini Fowl

See You In Class

I look forward to accompanying you through the amazing, awesome, and fun journey that lays ahead for those of you who attend!!

Develop With Passion®