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Lumosity - Improve your brain in 10 minutes a day

Written December 07, 2010 at 09:00 MST Tagged learning and productivity

For any muscle that we want to have working at peak performance, it has to be exercised on a regular basis.

A lot of us take the time to make sure that we get to the gym on a regular basis, so that we can give our bodies the exercise that it needs to stay working at it best.

What about our brains? Do you treat it like the essential organ that it is. In need of regular exercise and muscle confusion!!

Lumosity is a web site that can help you give your brain the much needed exercise that it needs on a daily basis. All, might I add, with a minimum requirement imposed upon your time.

Developed by a collaboration of cognitive scientists and computer programmers. Think of lumosity as the internets Brain Age. They have put together several "programs" that you can work through to help promote peak brain functioning. And like all great head fakes, it is done in the form of lots of little games to play, that can help you ramp up your skills in the following areas (among many others):

When I first started training using the Lumosity program, I was shocked to see how low my numbers were in areas that I thought I had a good handle on. It was awesome as the months went on, to see the improvements that were being made, and how they manifested in my day to day ability to use my brain more effectively!!

In my opinion, this is 10 minutes a day that is time well spent. And your brain will thank you for it!!

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