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2 Very Handy Quicksilver Triggers For Keyboard Junkies

Written November 22, 2010 at 09:00 MST Tagged tools

I have been using quicksilver ever since I started using OSX. It is one of the best launchers that I have come across.

I have never probably used it to the extent that a lot of other user probably do, mostly due to the fact that I like to do as much as I can from a zsh prompt!!

That being said, two extremely handy triggers that have become invaluable to me over the past 2 years are the following:


The picture is not actually showing the correct keybindings. I am using a product called Viking that allows me to have Vi style navigation throughout OSX. This also happens to change the meaning of displayed keybindings. The actual keybindings that I have to press are:

The first trigger (show menu items) is pretty self explanatory. It pops up a regular quicksilver list, that contains all of the menu items for the application. Since it behaves like any regular quicksilver list, I can hit a menu item by only typing in significant letters. For example to "press" the menu item "Add Additional Recording" I just have to hit the following key sequence:

Command + U -> aar -> Enter

The exact same thing works when I invoke the show windows trigger. Instead of having to navigate through spaces/moving around between windows on the desktop (even with the keyboard), it shows a list of all of the windows open for the current application (irrespective of spaces). Once again, the list can be filtered using significant letters, or just by going up and down through the list.

Hopefully this will add to your quicksilver toolkit!!

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