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Software That I Install On A New OSX Image

Written October 11, 2010 at 09:00 MDT Tagged tools

Just taking a quick note of the software that I am running on my machines (making sure that my laptop and desktop are synchronized correctly).

I thought I would share the list of software that I install on a new osx image. This is not an exhastive list of all of the developer utilities that I have previously posted about, this is really a list of the purchased (and some free) software that I install on a new OSX install.

This list is also the list of tools that I currently do not have an automation script for the install process. All of the other tools that I use are installed through automation scripts. In the next couple of weeks these packages will be making their way into those scripts also. This will allow me to quickly setup a brand new OSX image by just triggering one bash script(zsh is my preferred shell, but the initial script has to set that up also).



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