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Last Public Course Of 2010 - Nothin But .Net - Edmonton, AB (Nov 29-Dec 3)

Written October 27, 2010 at 09:00 MDT Tagged training

2010 has been another whirlwind year!! The introduction of the remote courses opened up a new dynamic and challenged everyone's assumptions about what could actually be accomplished within the bounds of a "detached" delivery mechanism!!

Lives have been challenged, goals have been established, and people are moving forward toward a destination that they now have a much clearer picture of. And yes, they learned quite a bit about .Net also!!

My family and I love going to the West Edmonton Mall, so it seems appropriate that it will be the place that will host the last public course of the year. The Fantasyland Hotel has treated us well in the past, so we look forward to another round of great service from the staff at the hotel.

Although not explicitly stated on the course site, group registrations receive a $1000 discount per 3 registrants!!

If you have ever wanted to take part in this one week code-a-thon, sign up for what I trust will be an amazing way to both finish the 2010 year, and more importantly help you plan for your 2011 year!!

You can register for the course here.

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