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Cure For The Common Life

Written October 05, 2010 at 09:00 MDT Tagged inspiration and faith

I meant to share this the day that I read it, so I thought I would take the time now.

Almost every morning I flip a page on a small calendar with excerpts written by Max Lucado. The title of the calendar is called Grace For The Moment.

I just wanted to share the devotion that I read a couple of days ago, as it resonates with a message that I often try to share with people when I am consulting or training. I pray that it will bless you and it has blessed me.

Da Vinci painted one Mona Lisa. Beethoven composed one Fifth Symphony. And God made one version of you. He custom designed you for a one-of-a-kind assignment... When God gives an assignment, he also gives the skill. Study your skills, then, to reveal your assignment. Look at you. Your uncanny ease with numbers. Your qunechless curiosity about chemistry. Others stare at blueprints and yawn; your read them and drool...

Our Maker gives assignements to people, "to each according to his own ability" (Matthew 25:15 NKJV). As he calls, he equips. Loog back over your life. What have you consistently done well? What have you loved to do? Stand at the intersection of your affections and successes and find your uniqueness.

A small extract from the devotion I read today, also ties in well with this message:

Don't worry about skills you don't have. Don't covet strengths others do have. Just extract your uniqueness

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