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DevelopWithPassion® Alumni - I Need Help Planning The Alumni Reunion

Written September 17, 2010 at 09:00 MDT Tagged developwithpassion_alumni and meetings

For the last 2 years I have mentioned off and on at the planning for an Develop With Passion® alumni get together. Well the official countdown is started, in the sense that a venue is picked and a date has been selected. Now comes the hard part of organizing the schedule.

I posted the following message on the DevelopWithPassion® linked in user group, I am reposting it here in the hopes that I can get some feedback from other channels. Even if you are not a DevelopWithPassion® alumni, your feedback is greatly appreciated, so feel free to provide it if possible.

If you have a response that is even more detailed, feel free to email me at jp@developwithpassion.com

So here it goes!!


Assume you are at an 2 day alumni event consisting of you and 99 other like minded people in a very cozy venue (yes it is picked, the date is set!!!, I'm not announcing it all until the schedule for the event is finalized). How would you answer the following questions:

  1. Pick 10 people you would like to hear a 30min - 1hr presentation from
  2. Would you be willing to give a 30min talk on some of your achievements since the course
  3. Who would you like to see as a keynote speaker (think people who are passionate about software and may share the same values that I try to share in class)
  4. What is the maximum you would be willing to pay to attend the event (keeping in mind you will have to cover your own flight and hotel also)
  5. Would you be interested in a health and wellness component?
  6. Would the presence of vendor booths offend you?
  7. Would you be interested in setting up a booth at the venue yourself (showcase a startup/book/etc...)
  8. What would be your main reason for attending such an event? What would you hope to have as your biggest take away?
  9. Optional Question (greatly appreciated) - If you could organize the schedule for the 2 days what would it look like (you can email this to me at jp@developwithpassion.com).

Planning something on this scale is something that I have no experience with. I want the venue and the size to remain small to ensure that there is a lot of opportunity for rich networking with one another. I also want to ensure that there is a good smattering of solid technical content as well as some opportunities to discuss overall well being. I am also closing it down initially to just alumni, as they all get what I am about and what I would be trying to do with something like this.

Any advice that you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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