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Code to the rhythm of the beat

Written September 07, 2010 at 08:00 MDT Tagged training and programming

This is just a post to inquire about other technical courses that people have attended. Was there music during the course of the week?

A couple of other questions:

Most students of the last 1-2 years will attest to the fact that music and movies are a large part of what create some of the atmosphere for the courses. This year there has been a large preference, on my part, to the following types of music:

Podrunner has long been a class staple. It makes the environment feel very much like a school coding jam where people bunker down to flex their minds on some often challenging problems. I love it!!!

The response varies obviously, but overall, it has been a successful dynamic that raises the level of energy in the room collectively!!

So what are you listening to?

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