Code to the Rhythm of the Beat

This is just a post to inquire about other technical courses that people have attended. Was there music during the course of the week?

A couple of other questions:

  • What types of music were played?
  • When was the music played (ie. just during coding sessions?)
  • Did it annoy you?

Most students of the last 1-2 years will attest to the fact that music and movies are a large part of what create some of the atmosphere for the courses. This year there has been a large preference, on my part, to the following types of music:

  • Orchestral movie soudntracks. Some examples of the music played is as follows:

    • SteamBoy
    • Star Trek
    • Bourne Supremacy
    • Star Wars
    • Evolution
    • Kung Fu Panda
    • many others..
  • Podrunner One of my personal favourites to work through during a work day. Few lyrics, 1 hour of constant music, high adrenaline mixes. A particular favourite to play during group exercises is:

    • Ziggurat – This is a staircase mix that goes from 150-160-170 bpm and all the way back down over the course of an hour, with 10 minute interval chimes to let you know when you are switching gears.

Podrunner has long been a class staple. It makes the environment feel very much like a school coding jam where people bunker down to flex their minds on some often challenging problems. I love it!!!

The response varies obviously, but overall, it has been a successful dynamic that raises the level of energy in the room collectively!!

So what are you listening to?

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