Installing Cygwin

Just started configuring my cygwin environment so that I can jump between linux/mac/and windows without any issues. Just need to make a note of the bare bones cygwin installation that I need to get things going.

After going with the default installation, the following were packages that I added on:

  • Archive
    • unzip – Unzipping zip files
  • Utils
    • ncurses – Enable better handling of terminal
  • Net
    • openssh – SSH Client and Server
    • curl – download internet resources
  • Devl
    • git
    • git-completion
    • git-gui
    • git-svn
    • gitk

The first thing that I did was to add the following line into the $CYGWIN_INSTALL_PATH$/etc/profile file:

  • HOME=/cygdrive/c/users/$USER export HOME

Once I had all of that installed I updated my .bashrc to source a new file called .bash_ssh which included the recommended code from github that can be used to enable an ssh-agent with cygwin:

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