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An Awesome Article On Passion

Written June 25, 2010 at 09:28 MDT Tagged faith and inspiration

Yesterday we received the latest copy of our home school family magazine. It is a small publication that goes out to members of the homeschooling organization that we are currently working with (Wisdom). The theme of the magazine happened to be on passion. They do not currently have all of their articles available online, and the article I am about the reprint is also not available online.

I wanted to take the time to share this article as I think it is a fantastic reminder about what passion is and how we can exercise it on a day to day basis. The author (Ken Noster) happens to be the Director of Wisdom, and from what I can gather, a man full of "wisdom"!!

On Building Noah's Ark

Synonymous with calling, passion is a gift. It has to do with response, and it has to do with responsibility.

Too often, passion is seen as a personal thing, reduced to the realm of personal preference or even self-indulgence; but I don't think this accurately describes passion. Christ's passion was actually something he asked to be relieved of, and realistically, may of our own passions cost us a great deal.

I seem to have been given a few passions, and each of them works out to be a source of joy and at the same time a responsibility that demands faithful response.

I have a passion to grow things, to feed clean grains, vegetables, and meat to my family and other families. Perhaps at a basic level it's a desire to nurture. I like nurturing newborn calves, injured horses, chickens, wheat seedlings... and it is difficult to back off or abandon an animal or plant that is failing. Most of all, I like to nurture my wife and children, not only with good food, but with good ideas and good theology; and their healthy spiritual life certainly is my passion.

I have a passion for truth. Whether it is big business exploiting little people or bureaucrats exerting their bias on families, I find myself roused to action. This particular response has pushed me to sit on boards and make presentations to government bodies. It has propelled me to write letters and make speeches. It has caused me to move beyond my comfort zone over and over.

Ultimately, the Truth is a person, and I am recognizing that my passion resides in representing Him as well as I am able.

I have a passion for love. I used to think of love as just a personal things, sort of my own response to people, a response that was private and no one's business but my own. It was only when I began to slowly learn what love really is, that I began to see it as universal in its demands and in its effects. It was by realizing love was a gift that needed to be received before it could be given that I became convinced that love, like my other passions, is a gift I have received and am called to spend on others. I have received it from my parents, family, friends, and most especially my God and Saviour; and who am I to think I don't owe it to everyone I meet, and even those I never meet.

All my passion springs from gifts I have been given, and I wouldn't have passion at all if it weren't instilled in me. It follows, then, that passion is not ultimately my own to use as I please, but it is a gift to be used for the good of others. To the extent that I passionately serve, I receive joy; and ultimately I become the person I'm created to be.. I grow up and become responsible. To the extent that I fail to apply my passions to the good of others, I am robbed of joy and shrink in my maturity.

Each day challenges me to apply my passions well, and wouldn't you know it: the more selflessly I can use my passion for others, the more I passionately enjoy the day!!

Awesome article. I just wanted to take the time to share that as I know that someone is going to be able to receive a blessing from it today!!

Develop With Passion!!