Screencast - Getting Started With Machine.Specifications

In this screencast I walkthrough getting started writing unit tests using the Machine.Specifications testing library (the developwithpassion fork of this project).
Along with introducing the basics of using Machine.Specifications, I also make a point of demonstrating some of the customizations to the library that exist only in the fork which contains all of the functionality that I ported from developwithpassion.bdd.
Some of the things covered in this screencast are as follows:
-Cloning the developwithpassion fork of Machine.Specifications
-Packaging a binary from the source
-Structure of a unit test in Machine.Specifications
-AAA style testing (very brief)
-DevelopWithPassion specific extensions to the Machine.Specifications library
This is another video in the prep series for the Nothin But .Net series of classes; if you are considering taking the class or are a person who has registered for one of the upcoming course, consider this material absolutely essential to know.
As always, any feedback that can be made on the video would be greatly appreciated. In this video I decided to omit the actual camera feed that has accompanied the last couple of videos (if you miss it, please let me know).
Along with good critical feedback on the video, if you could also submit any suggestions for things that you may want to see/hear about in the future, please let me know.
In the meantime, Develop With Passion!!!
Video: Introducing Machine.Specifications

+++On a pure technical note, I ported all of the screencasts from Windows Azure storage to a regular Vimeo account (much cheaper and far less issues with respect to publishing from screenflow).