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Nothin But .Net - San Diego,CA (July 26-30, 2010)

Written April 23, 2010 at 16:00 MDT Tagged training

Nothin But .Net is finally making its way around to the west coast of the USA!!
The course is going to be held in the beautiful city of San Diego. Hopefully the relaxed backdrop will give us the energy we need to complete 5 days of heads down coding in an environment that is guaranteed to get you thinking actively about how and why you do what you do!
You will get introduced to techniques and approaches that can allow you to build applications in a very rapid fashion. Your attitudes towards how you handle messy code bases will also be challenged as you are encouraged to think about the opportunities for growth that can arise from dealing and taming such code bases.
The list of reviews for this course is far too many to list. Over the years this course has hosted people from all across the globe involved in an array of different domains.
If you want to take part in an environment that encourages as well as challenges you to your core, step up and take part in what could be a week that "re-energizes" you.
For more information about the course, or to register, go here: http://nbdn2010julysandiego.eventbrite.com/
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