Screencast - Git Part 1

Now that I have finally figured out my publishing issue; here is the first screencast in a multi part series on using git. This series is also part of the prep package for students who will be attending the NBDN courses this year.
This is a 27 minute introduction that covers the main core of working with a local install of git. In the next episode I will be covering how to setup a github account and working with git collaboratively using github.
The topics covered in the video include:
-Installing msysgit (basic installation)
-Creating a local git repository
-Adding and committing files
-Creating and switching between branches
-Branch isolation
-Merging features from one branch to another
-Rolling back changes to a branch
Once again, any feedback that you can provide on the video will be greatly appreciated. The most significant issue of the last screencast was the playback resetting at a certain point in the video (this could be bypassed by manually dragging the time slider). If anyone encounters the reset issue during this video, please let me know.

Git Part 1

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