Nothin but .Net - London (August 30,2010)

Once again, Nothin But .Net is making its way back to the UK. This will be the third time that the course has taken place in the UK and each time is always a blast.
If you are not familiar with the course, here are some things that you can expect:
-Awesome programming challenges
-Deep dive into core OO/Design principles
-Deep dive into practical application of design patterns
-Meshing functional programming techniques in OO programs
-Practical application of new features introduced in .Net 4.0
-Leveraging BDD in conjunction with top down design to drive out application functionality
-How to gain confidence with the skills you have, and charting a course for growth for the rest of your career
-Engaging conversations with like minded professionals who are interested in growing their skillset
-Learning how to avoid the “Keeping up with Jones” mentality to software development
-Tools and techniques to achieve and maintain focus
-Possibly being reminded of how fun software development can be
-Joining a network of over 1000 developers who are now “Developing With Passion”!!
This is just a small list and it does not really cover in depth the technical aspects of the course.
Regardless of your skill level, it is very difficult to come away from this course without feeling challenged in one of the following areas:
-Technical Programming Ability
-Time management
-Work/Life balance
-Goal Planning
The course will be taking place at an “as yet to be announced” location in the heart of London. If you want to find more information about the course, or to register, go here:
Develop With Passion!!