Awakening Possibilities

2 weeks ago I had the honor and privilege of teaching a group of exceptionally smart developers (the majority of which had only recently graduated). It was awesome to see in their eyes the world of possibilities that lay ahead of them with respect to both life and work. We had a great week coding, eating, and talking about all sorts of topics. This week further solidified in my mind the main reasons that I teach the Nothin But .Net course.

One reason is to help people remember why they got into software in the first place. I remind them of how awesome it is that we get to work daily on something that we chose to pursue. How ,even in an environment where everything is falling in around you, you can still choose to push yourself and remain engaged and excited. How you can choose to pick yourself up even after you have made a huge mistake, realizing that the pain in the lesson is part of something that will prepare you for the next journey that you will be taking.

Most importantly, the course teaches the importance of Dreaming Big for yourself (and your family if you are not single). Once people start to realize that the majority of limitations they will face are self imposed, it frees them up to start thinking about taking leaps they may have once thought impossible. To hear back from people who are now challenging others to start dreaming big for themselves is one of the most rewarding aspects of doing the courses. To be able to see dreams identified, pursued, and fulfilled is an opportunity that I continually praise God for.

At the end of the day, I am just a facilitator, helping to possibly awaken the dreams and goals of other people is something that I always hope to be able to do.
God Bless You and Develop With Passion!!!