NBDN Remote Pilot/Beta - February 8-12

After a lot of thought about what it would be like to run an NBDN course remotely. I thought that I would just give it a try with a small pilot/beta test group and see what the resulting reception is.
To that end. I am planning to run a live meeting based NBDN course in February. This will be a one time only offer of $1000 for people to attend the week long course. If the course proves successful, future iterations will not be held at that price.
The basic requirements are as follows:
– High speed internet connection
– Telephone that can be available for the conference calling session (for the entire day)
– Computer with the necessary software installed (described in the prep material)
With respect to the format of the course, I am hoping that it will feel much like the on-site courses. There will be no difference in the material that is covered, just the delivery mechanism. Plan on having days go from 8AM to 9PM (with appropriate time taken for breaks).
Of course, if there is not enough interest in this type of course then it just won’t happen. The maximum number of people that I am allowing into this pilot group is 10.
For more information and to register please see the following: http://nbdnremote.eventbrite.com/
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