Are You Playing in Your Arena?

Just re-reading an article in psychology today on the topic of late bloomers. The entire article is amazing, if you have an opportunity to read the whole thing (here) I would strongly recommend it. Here is an excerpt that I find awesome (and close to home with respect to the message I try to share with people):

Finding Purpose
“I made a decision that I wanted to be world class at something at a very young age; I just had to find that one thing that made me realize this is my arena, this is where I want to play,” says Chris Gardner, founder and CEO of the stock brokerage Gardner Rich & Co.
After a childhood of brutal abuse and an early adulthood as a single parent – homeless and destitute – Gardner eventually found that arena. Seeing a red Ferrari pull into a parking lot, he approached the driver and asked him,“What do you do and how do you do it?” The answer, investment banking, turned out to be a perfect match for the math and people skills Gardner already had.
“This encounter would crystallize in my memory – almost into a mythological moment that I could return to and visit in the present tense whenever I wanted or needed its message,” Gardner says in his autobiography, The Pursuit of Happiness.“
Many highly creative people mention “a moment, an encounter, a book that they read, a performance that they attended, that spoke to them and led them to say, ‘This is the real me, this is what I would like to do, to devote my life to, going forward,” says Harvard professor Howard Gardner (no relation to Chris).
Passion burns so brightly, it’s clear when one has it. As Chris Gardner puts it, “Passion is the thing that won’t let you sleep at night because you want to get up in the morning and go do your thing.” By itself it can fuel greatness. “If you’re passionate about something, you can develop the abilities,” says Gardner. “It can’t be taught, it can’t be bought. You can’t go to Yale and say you want to major in passion. You have to bring it with you.”
Develop With Passion!!!