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RubyMine on Windows 7

Written July 01, 2009 at 14:00 MDT Tagged ruby and tools

Since I moved everything over to Windows 7 the last program that I had not yet installed was RubyMine (JetBrains awesome IDE for Ruby coders). After I completed my installation I fired up the program and was presented with a great exception dialog:
A quick search proved that the issue is with some settings in the idea properties file:

path to IDEA config folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes


path to IDEA system folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes


path to user installed plugins folder. Make sure you're using forward slashes

(on my system in : C:\Users\Jean-Paul Boodhoo.RubyMine10
More specifically, RubyMine was not able to write to those folders as they were marked as readonly after install. I quickly changed the folder permissions and RubyMine was able to start up with no problems.
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