Show Your Colors

The Nothin but .Net course has been running for just over 2 years now. In that time I have had the amazing opportunity to share technical and personal information with over 700 developers.
It is always awesome to hear back from alumni and be informed as to how they are progressing in both their personal and professional lives. To feel like you have had a positive impact and were able to add value to someone’s life is an awesome thing. I just received an email from a recent alumni who signed his email with the following:
“Developing With Passion”
This is a slight play on words from my companies tagline: “Develop With Passion”. It is also extremely appropriate. If you are an alumni of one of my courses and you feel that the course has been something that allowed you to take awesome positive steps in either your personal or professional life, I am going to challenge you to “show your colors” for the next month by signing you emails: “Developing With Passion”. Together, let’s remind people why we do what we do:

  • Competing against ourselves daily, not for someone else, but because we want to be better
  • Adding value to our families and communities
  • Adding value to our employer
  • Not being satisfied with mediocre in our personal or professional lives
  • Being a catalyst for change in scenarios that seem change averse
  • Working out with patience and diligence the tasks we are given to complete
  • Making our dreams a reality!!

Develop With Passion!!