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Written March 03, 2009 at 15:41 MST Tagged general

Now that I am tweeting regularly, I thought it would be time to announce that the last couple of months spent heads down working on a startup have produced some rather interesting results. This is an informational post to let people know that I am going to be getting back to a regular schedule of blog posting interesting coding techniques. This is something that I have neglected for a while, being more concerned about getting people motivated.
While my goal is to continue to serve up what motivation I can, I want to start documenting some of the things I have learned over the past year, as well as getting back to helping people out (to the best of my abilities during this busy time!!). In the spirit of things, the first question I will answer on Thursday is:
“I am trying to create something that is capable of returning a strongly typed item out of my configuration source. The configuration source will initially be the standard web.config, but only as the web.config only holds string values, I would like for my configuration object to be responsible for casting out the appropriate type. My question Mr. Jean-Paul is how would I go about setting this up using Visual Studio 2008. would I go inside my already existing Web.config or would I build a new one for my core project? Thanks for your time and help.”
And no, I am not going to be showing how to use VS to generate it for me. I want to use it as an opportunity to demonstrate more BDD, with that example in mind. This serves a dual purpose. It gives people an opportunity to see how I would tackle the design and solution of the problem using tests as my design surface, but it also ensures that the person who asked me the question gets a solution whether or not they care about the testing aspect.
After too much time spent with my head down, allowing e-mail bankruptcy (previous post should have cleared that up), I now have a good (simple) system in place that will ensure people who are truly taking time to get in contact with me get a decent response. It also gives me an opportunity to get more code centric posts out there, as well as help people!!
Develop With Passion!!