Getting Syntax Highlighting for Your Powershell Scripts (Take 2)

Since I just had to recently get my machine scaffolded again, I had a chance to revisit this item. I think this time I got it figured out a little better!!
For reference this is what my vim folder looks like:
Download the following files (I place them in the appropriate folders in my vimfiles folder: (Syntax File) (Indent File) (File Type Plugin)
Once I had copied those files into the appropriate folders:
I edited my vimrc file and have the following section (just before the syntax on command):
With that done I can open up a powershell file and get syntax highlighting.
Unlike in the last post, this solution will also allow me to upgrade my version of Vim without issues as I am now placing custom plugins in my vimfiles folder (under version control, so I can quickly rebuild a machine if needed!!), as well as the fact that I am making use of my
vimrc file to enable the custom plugin.
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