I'm Not on Jetbrains Payroll

The last post resulted in a great comment that I thought deserved some blog time:
“Given that you sometimes give out ReSharper licenses when you present, and often give it such glowing attention, I wonder if you have ever addressed the question of your relationship, if any, with JetBrains.
I have always assumed that you just value R# so much that you magnanimously want everyone to know about it and be productive to their greatest potential (there’s that “passion”), but to the uninitiated it can certainly seem that you have some sort of a sponsorship/endorsement deal with JetBrains. I have no issues with it, either way—I’m hooked on R#.
In the interest of transparency, though, perhaps you could address this in a separate post and just prepend a link to it in posts like this one, so everyone is clear about the extent to which your accolades for R# are or are not a paid advertisement.”

I value R# a lot and want to expose as many people as I can to it, as I believe it can truly become a killer tool in a C# developers arsenal. Of course, this year is also going to be the year that I will be raving about Vim, ViEmu etc, and the same holds true in the case of those tools. I will be talking, and blogging about them as they are tools that help me achieve a great amount of coding productivity. I am a big fan of honing a sharp dev toolkit, pruning the fat when necessary, and always being on the lookout for better way to do things, be that leveraging new development tools or otherwise.
JetBrains does provide me with a free R# license for each public presentation that I do, but this is also the case for most people who take the time to get in contact with them and ask (of course, you need to be using the product!!). They also are very helpful in providing a discount to me when purchasing “full” licenses for the course (because of the volume of licenses). In both cases, they were very open and gracious to my requests for both. There is no agreement that states that I need to name drop the tool every “x” times in order to maintain either of these collaborations.
So the short answer is that I am just a developer who loves a coding productivity tool that I am happy to share with anyone who wants to listen/watch!!
I just wanted to make sure that people who feel that I am marketing the product for my own personal monetary gain can see that I am not; that I am just a coder, who loves to write code, and loves to use the best tools that allow me to produce code with the least amount of friction possible!!
Develop With Passion!!