Times Are a Changin...

As people who have been following my tweets today (jpboodhoo), they can see that I am back and now committed to updating people on my status as well as tweeting regularly throughout the day. While I have been in a very heads down mode for the last little while, I have also fell out of contact with people I use to converse with regularly. In an attempt to restart the conversation, I am actually excited about being able to use twitter to do some out of band, and occasionally direct, messaging with people.
Have not given people much of an update since we got back from our big 6 month trip. Lots of big changes have happened in the world of the Boodhoo’s. Since the end of November we have been living in my parents basement with my sister, her husband and their 3 kids. Picture 4 adults and 7 kids running around in the same house!! My poor parents. They have been extremely gracious and very giving of their time and space.
Since our house in Calgary is being rented, with future plans to keep it as a rental, we are in the process of searching for a house. Unfortunately, because I was a bit lax on business returns etc, we currently do not qualify for a mortgage!! So we are getting very creative in house hunting right now. We have found a house that we would love to get into. It is an acreage. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have always been a hardcore city kid. One of my wife’s dreams has always been to raise the kids out on an acreage. She has been so amazing and instrumental in helping me achieve my dreams that I decided to put aside my love of city living and start looking at acreages. Then a funny thing happened. Once I saw a couple of acreages and got to spend a significant amount of time on some of them, my heart changed and I now find myself in the spot of not ever wanting to live in the crowded city again!! So moving forward we know that we are going to live on an acreage!!
We are also not living in Calgary anymore. We are moving back to Medicine Hat. I never thought I would move back to “the Hat”, but here we are, back where I met my wife 16 years ago now!!! Both grandparents live here, so Aaron and I have been able to enjoy having a lot more date nights than we have for the past couple of years. We are not concerned about not being in the big city. I am using it as a pressure point for forcing me to get a couple of startups off the ground. The first one will be launching at the end of April, pretty exciting. I am working on it with a couple of other people who already have an established product!! Even in the current economy, I could get scared and take the “safe” route of jumping back into the consulting market, but I know I will kick myself if I don’t give it a shot. I have a bunch of friends with great ideas and we are going to try to get a couple of startups off the group by the end of the year. I would much rather look back on this year with the knowledge that I tried vs looking back with regret for not trying. Better to try,fail, learn and grow that not try at all.
Another significant change for us is that we are not home schooling this year. Since our world is a little upside down right now, we have the kids enrolled in a great (small) Christian School. The class sizes are excellent and they are having a blast. It is definitely a change from home schooling, but it is a great experience for them.
We got the kids enrolled in swimming at the beginning of January. My wife grew up swimming, and if you ever saw our kids swim, you would see that they got their amazing swimming ability from her. The only one not swimming right now is Elijah, and that is cause he is too young to be enrolled in the class, otherwise he is more than capable of being in there!! It truly is amazing to watch their phenomenal progress in just the span of a month. They were already amazing swimmers before, but swimming against others has definitely raised their game!!
On the personal training front (gym training) I feel in the best shape I have ever been in, praise the Lord!! Really got back into it (intensely) at the beginning of January. I’ll talk about my routine in another post but for now here are some cool stats:

  • Height – 5’5”
  • Weight – 127 lbs
  • Waist Size – 28 inches
  • Resting Heart Rate – 56 BMP
  • Body Fat Percentage – 8%
  • Number of days at the gym per week (5)
  • Average training session length 1hr 30 min
  • Water consumed in a day – 2 –3 litres
  • Meals consumed a day – 6

Watching the kids in the pool has really triggered me to want to learn how to swim well. I have never been a very good swimmer. When I was 8 years old I drowned and was resuscitated by the pool lifeguard. The fear of that event kept me out of the pool for a couple of years. Now that my wife and I workout together at the gym, the next couple of weeks I am going to be switching my workout routine to include a heavy swimming component. She is going to teach me. Keep tuned to my tweets (jpboodhoo) as I am sure I will be sharing lots of blurbs over the next little while!!
On the coding front, lots of exciting stuff is going on. Not a lot I can share yet, but that time will come!!
Develop With Passion!!