Books I Think Everyone Should Read

The last couple of weeks has been a season of reading for me. None of the books are technical in nature but they are all books that I think everyone should read.
Like the first book, it is a collection of short stories and inspirational blurbs that will definitely challenge you to reach for the potential that God has placed in every single one of us. So many of the principles are really just common sense, but so many people need to be reminded of them. I think that a lot of people are living an 8/10 life, and they feel that is all they are capable of / deserve. God created us to do great things, this book could be one of the catalyst that you could use to spark your drive again. It is never to late to start stretching yourself!!

So many people over the last year have told me to read this book. It is an excellent read and a lot of the concepts that are discussed are things that I have been trying to integrate into my life for the last couple of years. Lots of great ideas that will definitely challenge peoples assumptions about the limitations they place on themselves!!

Develop With Passion!!