Coincidence? I Think Not.

Sitting up here in the office in a coding frenzy, I had to stop as I could hear the current Oprah show in the background and the topic was very interesting. She was interviewing young business moguls who have achieved incredible things at very young ages.
One of the common traits that all of the people shared was what? PASSION. They all reiterated something that I share with lots of people that I talk to:
“When you do something you are passionate about, it does not feel like work”!!
So many people get caught up in the pursuit of “money/security….” that they forsake the opportunity to pursue something that will have a meaningful return :
“The Realization Of Their dreams”
We live in a world where too many people forsake their dreams for things that seem more attainable or safe. We fail because we don’t strive to reach something much higher.
I want to challenge you this year to reach for that goal that seems unattainable, I am sure that you might surprise yourself!!
Develop With Passion!!