Keep Moving Forward!!

To steal a quote from Walt Disney,this is going to be the theme I will keep trying to encourage people about this year. Don’t get too focused on the person on your left, or to the person on your right, just move forward at your own pace!!
I pray that the 2009 year will bring all of you much joy and success in your personal and professional lives.
The 2009 Nothin But .Net course schedule has now been finalized. There are some locations that are still hovering on the radar that have not been posted. A significant change that will take place this year is the attendee cap which will be placed at 16 people. Just the right size for 4 groups of 4 people. If you are hoping to register for one of the upcoming courses you will have to be patient and give me a couple of weeks, as I am currently switching over to a new registration provider.
It is my hope and prayer that this year will allow you the opportunity to grow incrementally and consistently and that you will Keep Moving Forward!!
Develop With Passion!!