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Written December 19, 2008 at 10:18 MST Tagged general

Most people who know me realize that I am almost obsessive about how I utilize my time during the day to maximize the 8-9 hours I spend developing. This is the main reason I did not stay on twitter long the last time I signed up. I use skype for most of my phone calls, I have probably been on MSN about 13 times in my career, and I never really jumped into twitter the last time I singed up.
My goals for rejoining are to simply provide small little updates as to what I and/or my family are doing. I realize that even just little jots of information are valuable to the people who care about what is going on with us (it is a season of change here in the Boodhoo house!!). I am not going to use it as a huge conversational mechanism, mostly for micro updates.
My username is jpboodhoo in case you are one of the people who has expressed interest in keeping up to speed.
God Bless You and Develop With Passion!!