Purge Subversion Files

Often times when I am copying files between different subversion folders, I want to make sure that I copy them and place them in the new location while not keeping any of the subversion folders/files kicking around. In the past I had a system for doing this (mostly with some well placed keyboard shortcuts). Now that I am moving most of my automation tasks into powershell, I thought I would share this script with you:

param([string] $folder)
  if (($folder -eq $null) -or ([System.IO.Directory]::Exists($folder) -eq $false))

"usage: kill_subversion_files.ps1 [path_to_folder_to_purge_subversion_files_from]"

} else {

"Deleting all subversion files from $folder"
get-childitem $folder -recurse -force -include *svn | remove-item -recurse -force


I place this scripts (named kill_subversion_files.ps1) in my powershell path, then I can just open up a powershell prompt and type in:

kill_subversion_files [path_to_folder_to_remove_subversion_files_from]

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