Nothin but .Net - Done for the 2008 Year!!

Phliiy course 012_small
The picture above is of the last class that occurred in Philadelphia. The last 2 courses introduced some new formats to the course. In particular, the length of group exercises has been increased significantly (a little too much for Philly, but a lesson learned for next time!!). This course has been a blessing that cannot be conveyed in words. The last 2 classes of the year were held in Vegas and Philadelphia and they were absolutely amazing. It was a great way to end the training year.
What is the secret to the course? Is it the:

  • Great meals (Philadelphia was treated to some of the best dining of the year. Thanks in large part to so many amazing establishments being so close to the venue).
  • Great technical content.
  • Screencasts of every minute of coding that takes place
  • Tips on how to maintain a great attitude about life and work
  • Laughs (lots of them!!!)

While the above are definitely reasons that people choose to attend the course, they are easily eclipsed by the PEOPLE that attend. The amazing energy, enthusiasm, and spirit that the group displays over the course of the week continually blows me away. How many classes do you know where a group of random strangers can come together and by the end of the week are actually planning on forming lasting friendships!!!
God has truly been in the details and I know that none of this would have been possible without Him. I am thankful for every opportunity to deliver this course and will continue to evolve the material and deliver it as long as I feel called to do so!!
One of the great things that was conveyed by a couple of repeat students is how much the course has changed over the period of a year. They came in thinking that it would be a refresher and they were greeted with completely new content!! My hope is that the course and its material will continue to evolve as I learn new things . I am excited to see what the 2009 year will bring (along with a much needed set of alumni meetings!!!).
To all of the people I have been blessed with the opportunity of sharing with over the past year, I want to send a big “God Bless You” out to all of you. It was an honor, a blessing, and a privilege to help you chart a new course for your development career. And I am truly honored to be able to say I could help in some small way.
It is my prayer that all of you will continue to not worry about “Keeping up with the Jones’s”, and will run your own marathon at your own steady, progressive pace!! Compete against yourself daily and you will develop habits that will keep you growing as a person (which in turn will influence your career).
Hopefully I will see some of you again next year (especially at the alumni get-togethers). And I really hope that people who have been thinking about taking the course who have been on the fence will jump on board next year!!
Develop With Passion!!!