Nothin but .Net Duesseldorf - Recap


Yesterday, we just finished up another iteration of Nothin But .Net!! The class was an absolute blast!! The information level, was high, the energy higher, and the interaction was even higher still!!!

As you can see from the picture above, my wife was able to spoil us all with T-Shirts on the last day of the course. Unfortunately, some of the shirts were printed with the term “Develope With Passion” instead of “Develop With Passion”!!

The stats for the course are as follows:

  • 3 - 14 hour days
  • 1 - All Nighter
  • Wrapped up at 2:00AM on Saturday!!
  • 338 Revisions to the source tree (this is by far the most active code base of any prior course!!)
  • 1 Amazing Day of Coding Frenzy on the last day (pretty much entirely by the students).
  • 1 amazingly thoughtful gift from the class that made my week!!
  • 14 Great Meals!!!
  • 1 - 86 Hour Total Training Experience!!!!!
  • 1 - Group of students who connected, shared, laughed, and kicked sliced and diced code
  • 1 - Developer who feels incredibly blessed and humbled each time God provides the opportunity to deliver this course!!

The success of this course are the students, and the attendees once again delivered on breaking down walls and mixing up pair programming to make for a truly amazing week!!!

Develop With Passion!!