Fresh Code - Get It While It's Hot!!

I just completed uploading a fresh batch of code
The code is for the nothinbutdotnetstore application that was built in the September (1st – 5th, 2008) iteration of the course (2 weeks ago).
One of the things you need to keep in mind when looking at the code is that the application was built in a completely top down style and all of the code that you will see in the code base was developed from scratch over the course of the one week bootcamp.
As before, this project is just a start, but hopefully it gives you the idea of most of the players involved when building an enterprise application (keeping in mind that the purpose of the course is to teach people the core concepts without relying on third party frameworks).
How many people would be interested in seeing a store implementation that is done using all of the tools I use on my current projects (NHibernate, Castle etc….)? This is something that I have been talking about for quite a while, I just need to get time to sit down and implement it.
Of course, there is strong potential that I will start to offer a course that is an alternative to the Nothin But .Net that will leverage third party tools in effective ways to get the application completed. My experience over the past 1.5 years is that even people who are using these tools currently are finding a lot of value in stepping back and truly trying to understand what is going on. So that they “use the tool knowing they can achieve the same result without the tool”.
If you want to get started quickly with the application just check out the following screencast that explains doing the checkout and walks through doing the initial build and run of the application (there are still some things not automated yet, but I am in the process of converting all of the build scripts to a rake based build!!).
Once my work schedule settles down I plan to do a couple of screencasts discussing how the application (store) was created using BDD and top down design; which will potentially also help people as they are walking their way through it.
Develop With Passion!!