Getting Syntax Highlighting for You Powershell Scripts (GVim)

I was asked this question at my last course so I thought I would share the answer with everyone!!
To get syntax highlighting for the powershell scripts that I edit I first downloaded a set of syntax files provided by Peter Provost. You can download the files from here: (Syntax File) (Indent File) (File Type Plugin)
Once I had copied those files into the appropriate folders:
I had to edit my $VIMRUNTIME\filetype.vim and add the following line:
“ Powershell
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.ps1 setf ps1
With that done I can open up a powershell file and get syntax highlighting.
Question for the long time Vim users. Can I not just place the files in the appropriate folders and have gvim automatically pick them up without having to edit the filetype.vim file?
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