Firefox + Vimperator + Gvim + ItsAllText

The title spells out the latest set of tool combinations that take me one step closer to a richer mouseless browsing and editing experience. If you read the earlier post I am currently back running FireFox 2.0 and the older version of Vimperator as the “feature” did not present itself in that combination of tools.
I currently use vimperator to offer a mouseless browsing experience. I just stumbles upon ItsAllText which is a great add on that lets me fire up gvim as my editor for textarea elements. I configure it to use gvim as my external editor and when I am in a textarea I can hit a hotkey to launch my external editor. I enter in the text I want and then I save and exit the editor (:wqa in gvim). This takes the contents of the vim buffer and sticks it into the textarea that I launched from.

If there is enough interest I would be glad to do a quick 10 minute screencast on mouseless browsing with all of the tools that I just mentioned. If there are enough responses then I will do up the screencast quick and get it out by the end of the week!!

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