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Nothin But .Net - Training Preparation

Written July 27, 2008 at 21:47 MDT Tagged training

It has taken the better part of 1 year, but I finally put together the beginnings of a formal training preparation package that registered students use to prepare for the course.

I decided that I would make the preparation material available to the general public as it is a source of materials that will be constantly evolving and changing as the my skills continue to evolve, and the course continues to morph.

The material can be downloaded from here:


Once you have all of the material downloaded you will need to run the program tscc.exe. This will install the Camtasia playback codec, that can be used to watch the preparation videos. You will also need to install winrar (potentially) if you want to extract the contents of the rar file. The rar file contains a bunch of documents that contain things like recommended reading lists, developer tools etc.

The rar file also contains a little collection problem to solve that sets the stage for where we begin on day 1. The exercise is an opportunity for people to get familiar with:

-MbUnit -BDD Like Fixtures (We dive into BDD during the week) -Language oriented assertions -Specifications

This material will continue to get updated. I already have significant changes to make to the introductory videos. In a month or so I will also be adding a crash course on Rhino Mocks to the prep material. Specifically, Rhino Mocks in conjunction with AAA style testing, as that is how I teach people to write tests during the course of the week.

As the prep material is being served out as an RSS feed, you can add it to your reader to get notified of updates!!

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