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Nothin But .Net - Dusseldorf, Germany - September 22nd - 26th, 2008

Written July 12, 2008 at 16:44 MDT Tagged training

In September, I will be in Dusseldorf giving another iteration of my Nothin But .Net bootcamp. I am already anticipating that there will be a fairly good turnout of people. Registration can be done here.
One of the great thing about this class is the high level of interaction that occurs between the students that participate. I encourage (ok, mandate) that most of the exercises in class be done in teams of 2 at a minimum. During the course of the week people are encouraged to mix it up so that they can get the opportunity to learn from other people in the class also.
For more information about the course check out the following resources:

If you plan on attending the course you can expect the following:

If you are thinking about registering, don't hesitate, sign up now for what may be a potentially "career and life altering experience" (paraphrased from many students who have taken the course).

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