On Classical Music, Leaders, and Inspiration

Do you want to be a person who can be used to awaken the possibilities in other people?

This is an amazing video. Benjamin Zander is a very inspirational speaker and has some very interesting thoughts on classical music. It are his views on life and the ability to awaken and inspire people that I completely agree and reiterate with (although he says it much more clearly than I could!!).

One of the themes that I hope resonates is that passion can be a trigger to light up the eyes in other people. I truly feel blessed to say that many of the students who have taken my Nothin But .Net class, can reiterate the “shining eyes” concept. I love the success that my family and I are currently experiencing, but as a Christian I also know that there are seasons and I can’t know whether or not NBDN will continue to be in demand as it is right now. What I do know is that each time I interact with people whether it be in class or in a team environment, that I can help them to see from the perspective of “there’s a huge opportunity here, they have no shoes (watch the video)”. I can help them to strive to achieve whatever they may personally be putting their own self imposed boundaries around. If every single one of my students eclipses me as a developer, then I would be thrilled. More importantly, I want my students to truly live this journey with their eyes wide open instead of coasting through the mundane, I want them to start living their lives with passion so that the eyes of their families,co-workers, and friends are shining also!!

Money, popularity…. are all temporal things that don’t actually add a lot of value. Being able to say that you have had an impact of positively affecting the life of another person is something that is much more lasting, valuable, and satisfying.

Thanks to David Sutherland for contacting me and providing me with the link to the awesome video.

What are you going to do today to get some eyes shining?

Develop With Passion.