From West to East!!

After an amazing week sharing with other people in a Vancouver Nothin But .Net course, it was time for us to hit the road!! We traveled down the west coast and spent some time in the wonderful little town of Astoria. Astoria has been home to the filming of many wonderful shows. For our family it was an opportunity to visit the town that Goonies (one of my all time favorite movies) was filmed. While there we went and took a visit to the Goonie house!!
From Astoria we started to head East as we had to start making our way towards DisneyWorld. Along the way I took a wrong turn and we ended up visiting Multnomah Falls. While we all made our way to the main bridge to see the falls up close and personal, it was only my 2 eldest sons and myself who made the trek all the way up to the top of the falls. A 620’ climb that gave us all our exercise for the day!!
Making short stints of driving and stopping in places along the way, we now find ourselves in Austin for a day before we make our way across to Panama City Beach where we will reside for the week prior to heading to DisneyWorld.
Our trip has only just begun and we have been able to see some truly amazing sights and have some awesome irreplaceable family moments!!
I’ll keep you updated as we make our way around.
With respects to traveling and seeing the world, Shane Courtrille sent me a link to a great video that you should check out, as it might give you some ideas as to where you might want to travel when vacation time rolls around ( and also remind you of how dance is the global language!!)
Develop With Passion!!